Sunday, August 20, 2017

1965 Fender Stratocaster

I had to replace the fretboard as the original BRW one was worn to about .010" thickness on the treble side. This guitar had been refretted so many times, the fret slots were cut down to about 1/16" down in the maple.

I decided to glue the new BRW fretboard on and to bind it to hide the extended fret slots, as planning the maple down would have made the neck too thin. I was able to preserve the worn finish on the back of the neck.

It was a hard decision, but it is still "vintage correct" as a few examples of bound fretboard Strats can be found between '65 and '67.

Frets are Jescar EVO 47104 and the FB radius is 10".

I had to refinish the peghead face as it was worn with a badly applied repro decal. This one is an early '65, the neck is dated JAN 65, so are the pots.

It came to me with a non original bridge pickup that I replaced with a custom made FAT '64 pickup y my good friend Ron Ellis.

The original sunburst was stripped and repainted long ago, I counted 4 colours when stripping the body: blue, gold metallic, red and black. The paint was flaking off in big chunks, so I decided to carefully replicate a mid '60s opaque burst, as the guitar would have been originally (you can see the original yellow base in the cavities after stripping).
I very slightly "reliced" and cracked the lacquer to match the neck.

Weight is 7.4lbs.

B-2c Engelmann Spruce / Pernambuco