Sunday, November 20, 2016

1979 Park 1214 2 x 12 combo

A pretty rare amp, built by Marshall in 1979.
It's essentially a 2104 combo with the Park logo and a few twists (small checkerboard grillcloth, black faceplate and backplate, older type silver cap knobs, older black tolex).
It was 100% original when I acquired it, with 2 x Celestion G12-65 speakers which are pretty much perfect for that JMP MKII 2204 circuit.
The only "mod" I did was to remove the bright cap accross the pre-amp volume, and retube / bias it properly with Siemens EL34's and RFT, RCA & Phillips JAN 12ax7's.
An incredibly sweet sounding amp, at any gain level and volume.

Here it is in action, with a '76 Firebird (vibe track & solo):

# 203 "The 28" red spruce / Brazilian RW